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Quality Assurance
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With over 3 decades of medical staffing experience, PRCS has a solid track record of being committed to excellence. In keeping with JCAHO standards, PRCS has a stellar and very comprehensive Quality Assurance Program.

Initial Screening

Employment Application - A complete application is completed by each candidate. A verification of education, work history, and references is required prior to candidate consideration. References require a minimum of one directly from a former Manager or Supervisor within the most recent 2 years.

Skills Checklist - The skills checklist must be completed by the candidate prior to consideration for any position. This documents the candidate’s competencies of particular procedures, equipment, and age specific criteria.

Initial Telephone Screening - The applicant is contacted to review their career history, goals, education, credentials, licensure and clinical experience.

Credential Review and Verification - A review & verification of the applicant’s professional credentials are completed, such as primary source license and national credential verification.

Initial Background Checks - A preliminary check of background information is conducted including Excluded Parties (EPLS/GSA), Excluded Individuals (OIG), State Sexual Predator/Abuse Registries, and E-verify to confirm work eligibility in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security regulations.

Comprehensive Interview - The applicant is then interviewed by a healthcare recruiting specialist who has clinical knowledge of their particular discipline.  Our specialists are healthcare clinicians who have clinical experience related to their area of recruiting. This stage of interview process also includes situational and behavioral-based questions to evaluate work ethic and decision making tools.

Competency Testing - To validate the clinical and technical qualifications of qualified candidates, the applicant must score a minimum score of 80% on an independent competency exam in their area of specialization.

Further Background Check - PRCS conducts a comprehensive criminal background check consisting of a social security verification & match, criminal records including national, state, and county searches, and MVD (motor vehicle records) records.

On boarding

PRCS has an extensive on boarding process for all of our employees, whether per diem or travelers. All employees have a complete on boarding interview and education process outlining and reviewing PRCS policies and procedures regarding:

  • Attendance & Dress code
  • JCAHO Reporting
  • HIPAA regulations and Sexual harassment
  • Occupational Workplace Safety including TB precautions, Hepa Mask fitting, Lifting Guidelines, Body Mechanics,  OSHA guidelines, Hazardous Materials & Safety Data Materials, Blood Borne Pathogens and Protective Equipment, Use of Restraints, and Policies for reporting workplace hazards and/or personal injuries
  • Payroll processes including ID Badge requirements, time card, sign in/out procedures, Pay structure
  • Review of Job description, Standards of Professional Conduct, Reporting Structure, Chain of command
  • Benefit plan Review including Health plan and Profit Sharing plan

Compliance Standards

PRCS’ on boarding process includes completing the employees credentialing. In order to be compliant to work, the employee’s credential process includes:

Immunity History Verification - The candidate's immunization history is reviewed and verified. Immunizations included in the history are TB skin testing, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella. In addition to a TB history check, we require TB skin testing on an annual basis, with all positive skin tests resolved by a negative chest x-ray and physician statement indicating symptom-free status. We also require a physician statement that the applicant is fit to work.

Drug Screen - Each candidate is screened for standard drugs of abuse and more commonly abused prescription medications.

Taxation - Each employee’s file is completed with a notarized I9, and all federal and state taxation documents.

Compliance Tracking - Once the employee’s file is complete, it is entered, scanned and uploaded into PRCS’ Software Database, which maintains and tracks the criteria outlined in our Quality Assurance Program.  Records, including certifications, immunizations, and annual in-services and training are continually monitored for upcoming expiration dates. Our database proactively identifies any upcoming expiration dates to our credentialing managers in ample time to notify our employee of the expiring requirement.  If the item expires, the database classifies the employee as ‘inactive’ and the employee may not be scheduled.   When any requirement is updated on the employee’s file, a new profile verification is generated and sent to appropriate facility contact.

Performance Evaluations - PRCS conducts annual performance evaluations on all active employees. In addition, PRCS conducts telephone and written performance evaluations during the course of all travel assignments, block books, and per diem shifts. Any potential issues, concerns are addressed immediately with steps for performance improvement plan. Client and employee satisfaction surveys are electronically distributed on a regular basis to gather and evaluate performance information as related to PRCS. Performance scores are rated and documented. Any noted items for process improvement are identified, targeted, and addressed.

Annual Training -
PRCS requires all employees to take a comprehensive set of annual training modules, inclusive of Infection and Exposure Control Plan, Hazardous Materials Communication, Workplace & Assignment Security, Fire, Oxygen, Electrical Safety, Patient Safety & Rights, Advance Directives, Patient Confidentiality, Diversity, Medication & Pain Management, Principles of Performance Improvement, Medicare Fraud & Waste, and Customer Service in Healthcare.

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